The Apeirographer's Manifesto |


The Apeirographer is an artist-mathematician, who understands the world through the lens of mathematical realism, perceiving mathematical entities as having existence and reality of their own, independent of the material world—a view shared by many respected academics such as Paul Erdős, Kurt Gödel, and Sir Roger Penrose. Through this paradigm, they recognize mathematics as an exceptional, timeless, and uniquely immutable subject utterly worthy of study and artistic revelation.


Apeirography is the art of reifying mathematical entities, properties, and relations in an aesthetic yet faithful manner.


Apeirography is

  • fine art, aiming to produce aesthetic works;
  • documentary art, restricted to mathematically extant subjects;
  • representational art, committed to authenticity of representation;
  • abstract art, by virtue of its underlying subjects;
  • algorithmic art, necessarily;
  • digital art or traditional visual art only incidentally.


Apeirography is

  • not aesthetically complacent,
    it demands the work's conformance to the artist's aesthetic vision;
  • not a free-form creative process,
    it must respect the boundaries of its subject;
  • not a result-aimed algorithmic/generative process,
    it is revelatory of abstract entities that have always been there;
  • not inclusive of all mathematical data representation,
    it encompasses only intentional, aesthetically cohesive works of art.

Aggott Hönsch István
2016. VI. 25.

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